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Spend those gift cards! Here’s the best stuff to buy, starting at $25 – Source CNET Computer News

Gift cards are great, because they’re pretty much free money to spend at a particular store — and you have to spend them, right? It’s not like you can do the responsible thing and put them in the bank. The question is, what to buy? Assuming you’re not already ticking off your own wish-list, we have some suggestions.

Starting with this: If the gift card isn’t for the store you want, or you’d rather just have cash, head to Raise and list it for sale. If someone buys it, you’ll get a bit less than face value, minus Raise’s cut — but it’s still money in your pocket instead of a gift card you might not care to use.

Ready to shop? Here are some of the best ways you can put a gift card to use.

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Source CNET Computer News

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