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Taiwan has the coronavirus under control, and life goes on – Source

It’s a Saturday afternoon at 3:00 in the afternoon, and Taipei Metro’s blue line is packed. Riders are standing shoulder to shoulder. Exiting passengers positioned in the interior kindly ask those in front of the doors to make way. All passengers are sporting compulsory masks—including those heading to the four-day Outdoor Show at the Nangang Exhibition Center.

Right inside the exhibition center entrance, a young man is positioned off to the side behind a standup desk. On top sit a laptop and connected security camera. As attendees flow through the doors, the camera captures their body temperature and relays it to the laptop, where their respective temperatures pop up in front of their faces on the screen. They don’t have to stop or slow down for the camera, and could easily miss it if they aren’t paying attention. Any would-be attendee whose temperature exceeds 99.5 degrees will be turned away and advised to seek medical assistance.

[Photo: Joshua Bateman]

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