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Facebook says it prevents 95% of hate speech from appearing – Source fastcompany.com

On Thursday, Facebook published its first set of numbers on how many people are exposed to hate content on its platform. But between its AI systems and its human content moderators, Facebook says it’s detecting and removing 95% of hate content before anyone sees it.

The company says that for every 10,000 views of content users saw during the third quarter, there were 10 to 11 views of hate speech.

“Our enforcement metrics this quarter, including how much hate speech content we found proactively and how much content we took action on, indicate that we’re making progress catching harmful content,” said Facebook’s VP of Integrity Guy Rosen during a conference call with reporters on Thursday.

In May, Facebook had said that it didn’t have enough data to properly report the prevalence of hate speech. The new information comes with the release of its Community Standards Enforcement Report for the third quarter.

During Q3, Facebook says its automated systems and human content…

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