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Take a break from Facebook with this MySpace clone – Source

Forget Snapchat or Instagram. The new social network of the moment is a shameless MySpace clone, created by a student developer who was only a few years old during that site’s heyday.

The new network in question, SpaceHey, doesn’t hold back in its attempt to re-create MySpace’s mid-aughts vibe. Sign up for the site, and you can create a profile page with status updates, a personal blog, and a list of hobbies. Visit a friend’s page, and you’ll see whether they’re online along with their current mood. And yes, you can customize your profile.

SpaceHey is the project of An—he goes by just his first name online—who says he’s an 18-year-old student in Germany. In a nod to MySpace cofounder Tom Anderson, An automatically befriends everyone who creates a profile on the site. On Sunday, he had about 1,000 friends. On Monday, that number had doubled, as sites such as HackerNews and ProductHunt took notice.

Over Twitter, An says that while he never experienced MySpace…

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