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TCL wows with concept phones, Google Assistant gets a new trick – Video – Source CNET Tech

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CL showed off two amazing concept phones.
One features a triple screen.
In one configuratoin, it is a very thick phone.
When it is unfolded, you’re looking at a 10-inch tablet.
Another TCL phone featured a screen that could expand by unrolling the display.
The company says that neither is officially coming to market though.
Google Assistant has a new trick and it’s called readers.
The feature uses text to speech to read web pages a loud to you.
Read it is available in 42 languages.
That means assistant can read one language from a webpage and translate it on the fly.
The feature was previewed earlier in the year and is coming to Android devices right now.
Facebook Seattle office is reportedly closed until March 9, after a contractor tested positive for Corona virus.
Facebook is telling employees to work from…

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