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TCL's slide-out concept phone, TikTok introduces family safety mode Larry Tesler, Apple employee who created cut-and-paste, dies at 74 Google under investigation for alleged discrimination against pregnant employee, report says Trump offered WikiLeaks' Assange a pardon to cover up Russian hack, lawyer tells court Android 11 preview adds privacy and under-the-hood upgrades Germany wants to make social media firms report illegal content to police The Samsung Z Flip display mystery has been solved (The Daily Charge, 2/19/2020) Jeff Bezos' $10 billion Earth Fund isn't impressing everyone Bezos' $10B climate fund won't make up for Amazon's damage, activists say Europe bids for global digital leadership as pressure mounts from US and China iPhone SE 2 incoming? Bezos launching $10B climate fund Google parent company Alphabet ends support for Makani kite-power project – Source CNET Tech

Today’s major tech stories include exclusive pictures of a TCL slide-out concept phone, TikTok’s addition of parental safety features and the reaction to Jeff Bezos’ $10B climate fund.

Computer scientist led Apple on the famous tours of Xerox PARC, where Steve Jobs was exposed to ideas for the Mac’s graphical user interface.

A federal agency is said to be looking at whether the tech giant mishandled discrimination complaints.

A lawyer for WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange reportedly surfaces the allegation during a London hearing. The White House calls it a “complete fabrication.”

Google will show off the mobile software in more detail at its developer conference in May.

A proposed law that will soon go before parliament would fine tech giants for failing to report problems.

Does the foldable phone really have a flexible glass display? Also, Rudy Giuliani’s Twitter security fail and weighing Jeff Bezos’ $10 billion Earth Fund.

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