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Telehealth needs to stay. Here’s how we can make the most of it – Source

There weren’t many silver linings to the pandemic, but the rise of telehealth was one of them. Patients across the country learned firsthand that they could often get the medical care they needed without having to go in person to a doctor’s office and risk being exposed to a bunch of sick people in the waiting room. Health systems were able to reduce hospital overcrowding and reach patients in remote settings experiencing provider shortages. At the onset of Covid, lawmakers and regulators from both parties and all levels of government saw the need to make telehealth far more accessible, and acted quickly and decisively to make it possible for doctors to treat across state lines and to expand insurance coverage for digital visits. 

But after Covid showed signs of receding, states began limiting patient access to telehealth again. Twenty-five states have already terminated the emergency declarations introduced during Covid to waive licensing requirements for doctors treating out…

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