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Here are the 10 most popular plugins from 2023 on

There’s an old saying that “WordPress plugins are what makes the world go round.” Okay, so maybe that’s not an actual saying, but it’s still true in our hearts. 

In this roundup, we’ve gathered the top ten most frequently installed plugins from 2023. (FYI, our marketplace offers 50,000+ plugins on the Creator plan and above.) Take a look and see how many you have on your site, get inspiration for plugins to try out, or simply satisfy your curiosity.

Though we’ve randomized the order, you can rest assured each one is well-loved for a reason.

Try the Creator plan to install any of the other plugins listed below and take your site to the next level.

A final note before jumping in: These plugins represent a curated selection of the most popular plugins based on installs by users over the course of 2023. While…

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