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The best business podcasts for 2021 – Source

Would it be fair to say that 2020 was a bit . . . eh, underwhelming? Is that a diplomatic way to categorize it?

So, we’ve all gotten used to working from home. With any luck, we’ve taken some time to slow down and catch our collective breath over the past couple of weeks. Now that we’re back at work, let’s barrel into 2021 like a bunch of productivity tornadoes.

To help keep you focused on your goals, here’s a quick list of helpful, inspirational, and upbeat podcasts to motivate you in the new year.

Yes, I Work From Home

Yes, most of us work from home at the moment. And if you’re looking for helpful hints from people who have been happily working from home, this is a great new podcast to check out. Host April Malone interviews real people with all sorts of different jobs about what they do and how they do it from outside the confines of the traditional office. Interviewing regular people can be kind of hit or miss, but Malone’s guests manage to be engaging and…

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