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The coronavirus prompts gig workers to demand paid sick leave – Source

As the coronavirus spreads, many people are having to consider remote ways of working. But for contingent workers—such as those who drive your Uber or deliver your groceries—the virus’s impact is particularly fraught with peril.

These people can’t work at home, and not leaving the house means not getting paid. The platforms they contract with are not required to pay them when they are sick, offer them health insurance, or generally provide for them during a health crisis. And many of them are not. That puts gig workers in the scary position of having to risk their health—and potentially the health of others—in order to make money.

Now, several groups are calling on gig companies to change to provide paid time off for workers. Gig Workers Rising has launched a petition to pressure California lawmakers to make gig companies provide paid sick leave. Amazon workers in New York City have also organized to pressure the company to provide paid sick leave to contract workers….

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