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The day for nationwide vote-by-mail may finally have come – Source

The two most consequential occurrences in American society in almost two decades—coronavirus and the 2020 election’s referendum on Trumpism—may well be headed for a collision course in November, with the potential to seriously imperil the voting process.

Some states have announced that they will postpone their primary elections, and election officials are already fretting about November. By and large, we do elections only one way in the U.S.: while some people mail in ballots, the vast majority cast their votes at a polling place. That simply might not be possible in 2020.

But, like universal basic income payments, vote-by-mail may be one of those unlikely ideas that suddenly seem possible in the strange new reality of the pandemic.

Today, Congress is in the heat of negotiations over a third stimulus package to help everyday working Americans, businesses, and the healthcare system survive the coming surge of coronavirus cases. House Majority Leader Nancy Pelosi’s office…

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