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The definitive ranking of streaming services as we head into 2022 – Source

The streaming wars raged on in 2021. The giant players—Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and Disney Plus—created more high-profile events to cement the viewing habits formed in the pandemic, and late entrants (welcome, Paramount Plus!) tried to make a dent in people’s streaming budget. All of the services benefited from the shift away from seeing movies in theaters, but viewers also began migrating off of couches and heading back into IRL social gatherings as well as returning to the office. Not to mention that pandemic-induced production delays meant that new TV shows and movies didn’t hit streaming platforms in a substantial way until later in the year. No two companies’ strategies in meeting these challenges were alike, nor were their end-of-the-year results. Herewith is a report card summarizing who best rose to the very unique occasion that was 2021.    

If any streamer got a shot in the arm in 2021, it was HBO Max, which, in a twist of pandemic-related fate, wound up…

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