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The future is foldable – Source

Earlier this year, Lenovo unveiled the X1 Fold, the first PC with a folding touchscreen. The kind of big-picture innovation needed to turn a daunting design challenge into reality didn’t come easy. It took Lenovo’s design team many rounds of prototypes and four painstaking years of testing, failing, rinsing, and repeating.

At this year’s Fast Company Innovation Festival, a panel discussion presented by Lenovo described the twists and turns of this journey and reflected on the mysterious and maddening process of creating new technology from scratch. (Hint: potato chips are necessary. Lots of potato chips.)

It’s well-suited for the hybrid workplace

Work looks different these days—due in large part to the widespread work-from-home mandates caused by COVID-19. No more powering down your bulky office desktop to beat rush-hour traffic home. With more and more blending of remote and in-person work, employees rely on the same device to crank out a spreadsheet, punch up a report, or…

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