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The glaring hypocrisy of the American surveillance state – Source fastcompany.com

Government facial recognition is quickly becoming the defining technology of authoritarianism, automating the mass surveillance of political movements and religious and ethnic minorities. In China, facial recognition facilitated the imprisonment of more than a million Uighurs. Here, in the U.S., that same technology is automating the wrongful arrest of untold numbers of Americans, more specifically, Black Americans. But Silicon Valley startups aren’t just selling surveillance at home, they’re also peddling it abroad.

Amazon shareholders and civil society groups have denounced the tech giant for selling its software to authoritarian regimes. But it’s not just the Fortune 500 firms that have come under scrutiny. Clearview AI, the controversial facial recognition startup, has been widely condemned for selling services to 2,200 law enforcement agencies across 27 countries, while actively marketing in Europe, South America, Asia Pacific, and the Middle East.

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