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The iPhone 11, 11 Pro, and 11 Pro Max defy “peak iPhone” – Source

Apple became the biggest smartphone seller in the world in the holiday quarter, beating Samsung and Huawei, reports Counterpoint Research. After hearing people helpfully explain for more than a year that the iPhone’s best days are behind it, that was a surprising piece of news. Apple no longer reports unit sales for its devices, but Counterpoint believes the company sold 72.9 million phones, which is near the top of the range of most analysts’ estimates.

Apple did report that revenue from iPhone sales jumped 8% to $55 million in the holiday quarter, a dramatic turn of events for a business that had seen declines in each of the four previous quarters. All those iPhone sales helped Apple turn in its best-ever quarterly results, although not weren’t the only contributing factor.

The iPhone’s strong quarter wasn’t due to a new model with a radical new design, like 2014’s iPhone 6 or 2017’s iPhone X. Instead, the line benefited from a series of smaller choices Apple made…

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