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The My Arcade Pixel Classic handheld plays 300 games now for just $20 – Source CNET Computer News


My Arcade

Retro gaming is back in style and people are snapping up old-style arcade cabinets (like ones from Arcade1Up) for their basements and game rooms. But you don’t need a spare wall to experience old-timey video games. My Arcade’s Pixel Classic looks like a Nintendo Game Boy clone but comes packed with 300 vintage games. Right now you can get the Pixel Classic for $20 from Macy’s — that’s 60% off the usual $50 price and a lot cheaper than any other price I can find online. (The best price I can find the Pixel Classic for elsewhere is $35.) 

The Pixel Classic looks for all the world like a Game Boy, but comes with 300 games that play…

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Source CNET Computer News

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