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The new app Shuffle wants to be the TikTok for podcasts – Source

Podcast fans have long bemoaned the issue of discoverability on major platforms—and for good reason.

In 2020, Spotify, increasingly the preeminent player in the podcast arena, announced it had 1.9 million titles on its platform, compared to 500,000 in 2019.

As a way for smaller podcasts to cut through the masses—and to build a more dedicated community around podcasts—Ada Yeo cofounded Shuffle, a platform that allows users to edit audio clips from podcasts, add visual elements, and share on social.

Shuffle co-founders, CEO, Ada Yeo (left) and CTO, Gilbert Leung (right). [Photo: Shuffle]

“Podcasts never ever go viral—why is that? It’s impossible for a two-hour MP3 file to go viral. It’s not built for the internet,” says CEO Yeo, who was previously a product manager at digital currency exchange Coinbase. “You could have the best content in the world, but Joe Rogan still gets all the traffic because there’s a huge pileup.”

Yeo got the idea for Shuffle, which launched…

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