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The year that was: 2020 in tech – Video – Source CNET Tech

2020 was scientifically speaking 400 months long.
We had zoom bombing Tick Tock and I say quiddity let’s break down everything that happened in tech in 2020.
Back in January, when we We were still young and innocent.
The year kicked off with CES.
Now it’s a show known for tech but one of the biggest stories was edible, impossible foods new meat free pork.
We also saw Sony’s futuristic concept car and a Charmin’s robot that brings you toilet paper.
That turned out to be quite prophetic for 2020.
As for exciting tech we;’d actually see out in the wild that came in February with the arrival of fun new folding phone.
Motorola gave us an updated version of it’s called classic razor flip phone.
But Samsung undoubtedly won the day with two folding phones, the galaxy z flip, a razor rival and the brand new Galaxy fold two.
Now if it was a normal year, we would have seen these…

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