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The online checkout page is broken. These 3 companies are fixing it – Source

There’s no way around it: The holiday shopping season is going to be a mess.

From inflation driving up the price of goods to massive disruption in the supply chain causing shortages and delays, the grim forecast that analysts have been warning consumers and retailers about for months is, indeed, nigh.

While there’s little that can be done immediately about a total meltdown in logistics and an economy still reeling from the pandemic, there’s another pain point in the online shopping experience that’s less complicated to fix.

You may have noticed how cluttered your online checkout process has become over the past few years: having to create an account to complete your purchase, a dizzying array of payment options, pop-ups for warranties and insurance that cost more than the item you’re buying. Sure, some checkout add-ons may be beneficial to consumers, but only if properly executed. Otherwise, they exacerbate the longstanding issue of cart abandonment, i.e. customers adding…

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