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The sad state of Intuit’s Mint – Source

Intuit’s Mint personal-finance service wants me to know it’s sorry. Again.

“We’re sorry!” its investments page bleats when I try to view my mutual funds’ performance. “Our graphs require the latest version of Adobe Flash player.”

That site has spent years apologizing to me for needing Adobe’s vulnerability-riddled plug-in: since I long ago booted Flash from my browser, since Adobe said in 2017 that it would drop Flash by the end of 2020, since Intuit told me in 2018 that Mint would wean itself from Flash “in the coming months.”

But that’s in keeping with this fossilized financial tool. Mint still provides a valuable service for free in aggregating transaction data from multiple financial institutions to clarify where your money comes and goes—and in the bargain suggests hopefully-better financial products from advertisers—but this app exhibits severe symptoms of neglect.

It’s as if Mint, with 13 million-plus registered users, were a resource-constrained…

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