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The story behind the Moon rock in the Biden Oval Office – Source fastcompany.com

Joe Biden wanted a Moon rock for his Oval Office.

That’s how two staff members from NASA’s Johnson Space Center ended up on a plane from Houston to Washington, D.C., on Monday, January 18, two days before Biden’s inauguration, toting “lunar sample 76015,143.”

The dark gray, diamond-shaped rock weighs about three-quarters of a pound (332 grams), and it is sealed in a glass and aluminum display case, filled with nitrogen, to prevent the rock from being affected by air or humidity.

Biden’s Moon rock was first spotted by a Washington Post reporter touring the redecorated Oval Office on Inauguration Day, before Biden himself had set foot inside. The Moon rock sits on the lowest shelf of the set of built-in bookshelves immediately to the left of the president’s Resolute Desk.

During planning for the incoming president’s office decor, “The White House curator’s office contacted NASA to see if it was possible to loan a lunar sample for display in the Oval Office,” reports…

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