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Do you want to eat (1) poorly (2) moderately or (3) well?

A long, long time ago in Minneapolis, this question loomed over a small group of eighth-graders.

Appearing on a teletype machine—basically a primitive computer keyboard connected to a printer—at Jordan Junior High School, the strange question broke open the world of The Oregon Trail. Decades later, the title remains perhaps the most influential educational video game ever created, one that endures today as its influence is still being felt across the gaming industry.

Here’s the thing: If you thought the first kids to play this game were millennials in the 1990s, or even Gen-Xers back in the 1980s, think again. The first students to experience The Oregon Trail were baby boomers, born in the late 1950s and now old enough to be grandparents.

The date: December 3, 1971.

A familiar scene from an early version of The Oregon Trail, which put players in the shoes of westward explorers in 1848. [Screenshot: YLGR/YouTube]

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