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DAOs key to close the pay gap – Source

Less than two weeks ago, we saw something historic happen: ConstitutionDAO led the largest crowdfund for a physical object to date, raising $47 million worth of Ether in just a few days. Their goal? To purchase one of eleven rare copies of the U.S. Constitution, a true attempt of ownership by the people, for the people.

Even though ConstitutionDAO ultimately lost the bid, what we have left is more than a conversation. Now, we find ourselves in the middle of a movement, with a growing number of individuals looking to DAOs and the unique potential they have to transform society as we know it.

This is all in light of a year marked by unprecedented shifts in our financial landscape: NFTs are selling for millions of dollars apiece, bitcoin crossed a valuation of $69,000, and web3 leaders like ENS domains are awarding their early adopters with 5-figure airdrops. Still, in spite of all of this dynamism in the wild world of DeFi, the wage gap remains an ever-present problem for women in the…

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