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These apps aim to help beat addiction – Source fastcompany.com

This week, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released a stunning report that showed drug overdose deaths shot up 30% in 2020. While the pandemic has led to increased distress among Americans, it’s also opened the door for innovation in certain aspects of mental healthcare, especially around addiction. Rehabilitation programs—ranging from 12-step programs to medication-assisted therapy—all went online. Now, a cadre of startups are thinking about how they can leverage the boom in telehealth to deliver better addiction care.

Historically, in-person substance abuse treatment has been a jumble of 12-step programs, religious residential centers, luxury sober houses, cognitive behavioral therapy, group therapy, detox centers, medication clinics, and peer support. Programs are not standardized, and relapse rates among people with addiction who try to stay clean is high. About 30% of people in substance abuse programs drop out. The question is, can apps help people stick…

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