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These drones can save lives – Video – Source CNET Tech

These drones can save lives.
Dams, bridges, and other massive infrastructures need regular inspections to guarantee there are no cracks or damages that could compromise safety.
Traditionally, these operations require a crew of professionals repelling from dangerous heights.
But with the inclusion of drones, these inspections become safer, more accurate, and less expensive, which means that the teams can perform more of them.
But how do they do it?
And what does it take?
Let’s get into it.
This is Diablo dam in Washington, a 389 foot tall power generating infrastructure that supplies Seattle with electricity Last summer the engineering company HDR took its drones to complement the traditional rope inspections of Seattle City Light.
The result was a two hour flight and more than 82 million data points that document the condition of the structure with its cracks,…

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