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These telescopes offer a unique way to view the night sky – Video – Source CNET Tech

Here at CNET, we get to review a lot of cool technology but I gotta say nothing is cool as these guys.
These celestron telescopes have one unique feature to them.
They utilize your smartphone to help you find objects in the night sky.
[SOUND] A couple of things to know.
We originally got these telescopes before the Shelter in Place Order in San Francisco.
The plan was to review them in the office.
And second, I am not an expert in astronomy nor have I ever owned a telescope but I’ve always wanted to buy one.
So I was going to use this review to inform my decision on which one to purchase.
So first off these telescopes are the Newtonian design, named after and invented by Sir Isaac Newton.
It uses a concave primary mirror and a flat diagonal secondary mirror housed in this large cylinder These telescopes have a short focal length, which means a wide field…

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