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This startup is fighting diabetes through healthy eating – Source

At the height of the meal-kit era in 2015, Josh Hix, then CEO of Plated, received a phone call from a health plan representative in North Carolina. As he recounts, the rep said that some of the insurer’s clients with diabetes had recently started using Plated and suddenly brought their condition under control. “It was enough people that it got their attention,” Hix says. The two companies started talking about how they could work together, but it became apparent that working with a health plan was just too complex for a consumer food startup. Still, it got Hix thinking about health.

Fast forward to 2022: The meal-kits business is struggling. Despite a pandemic-inspired burst of sales, meal-kit pioneer Blue Apron couldn’t stay profitable. Even Plated, which was acquired by supermarket giant Albertsons in 2017, was temporarily pulled from the market while the grocery chain figured out how to position its pre-packaged meals so they’d sell better.

Hix, who left Plated in 2019,…

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