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Too many browser tabs? Vivaldi’s new feature is a game changer – Source

And yet, the latest version of the Vivaldi web browser still feels like an “aha” moment with a new feature called “two-level tab stacking.” Essentially, it lets you combine multiple tabs into groups, then view them in a secondary row of tabs. It’s a way to keep all of your tabs in a single window while still giving them room to breathe, and it’s brilliant. Every browser ought to copy it.

Vivaldi first launched in late 2015, fashioning itself as a Chrome alternative for power users. It uses the same Chromium engine as Google’s browser, so it supports all the same basic features and extensions, but it’s much more customizable and offers extra features such as programmable keyboard shortcuts and a built-in notepad.

Although Tab Stacking was one of Vivaldi’s original features, I never cared much for that particular iteration, which used pop-up menus to show the contents of each tab group. To me, it required too much hovering around and slowed down the process of…

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