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Top 5 Apple iPhone 12 rumors – Video – Source CNET Tech

These are the top five iPhone 12 rumors.
How do you rank rumors?
Let’s go from exciting to super exciting.
Let’s go, at number five is all the new iPhone 12s will use OLED screens.
The iPhone 10 went with OLED after years of the technology being around.
The 10S continued this trend, but kept the LCD around for the 10R.
Then there’s the 11 with its LCD screen as well.
OLED screens are great, because they can show pure blacks, since the pixels can turn off.
OLED, also does require a backlight, so you can use the battery for other stuff other than lighting the display.
Samsung has OLEDs on every variant of the S10.
That includes the E version and the light one.
If Apple goes all OLED, the change would also bring all iPhones into the modern world of smartphones, at least in display tech.
At number four is the future of the Lightning port.
Way back in 2018 it was…

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Source CNET Tech

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