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Trump supporters believe election whistleblowers to bolster their POV – Source

It’s amazing who right-wing pundits and politicians decide to take at their word.

As Donald Trump continues to lose more and more lawsuits intended to overturn his election loss, his supporters in the media and beyond have put an increased emphasis on personal accounts from alleged whistleblowers.

“Many [sworn affidavits] have been thrown out and many debunked, but many still have not. These Americans, these whistleblowers, deserve to be taken seriously and at least heard without threat of reprisal, but that’s not happening,” Fox News host Laura Ingraham said recently.

Fine, let’s take a look at some of these whistleblowers.

There was the woman at Rudy Giuliani’s circus-like hearing in Michigan on Wednesday, December 2, who argued for stringent voter ID laws because “all Chinese people look alike.”

There’s the star witness at that same hearing, Dominion Voting Systems contractor Melissa Carone, an irate rambler who came across as an SNL character rejected for being too…

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