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Twitter’s new features, Spotify’s HiFi tier – Video – Source CNET Tech

This is CNET and here are the stories that mattered.
This week, Twitter announced some new features.
First up is super followers.
So allow someone to charge followers a fee to receive perks, like extra content, and there’s communities which is similar to Facebook groups.
There people can join in a conversation centered around a specific topic.
Fortunately Twitter did not give a timeline as to when these features will roll out.
Spotify has announced a new subscription tier known as HiFi to deliver CD quality lossless audio on Spotify.
Didn’t announce pricing.
A HiFi is designed to be an add on to the regular $10 a month premium account.
And is expected to be priced to compete with rival lossless streaming services like title, which is $20 a month.
High five will launch later this year, though we’re yet to learn which countries will get first access.
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