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U.S. senators are repeating big tech’s antitrust objections – Source

If you’ve ever wondered about the influence big tech wields in the Capital, you could literally hear it coming out of the mouths of lawmakers on Thursday, as members of the Senate Judiciary Committee met to mark up an antitrust bill that would prohibit marketplace and app store owners from self-preferencing their own products.

The bill is Congress’s most serious attempt yet to reign in the power of big tech companies–mainly Amazon, Apple, Google, Facebook, and—potentially—Microsoft and TikTok. If passed, the American Innovation and Choice Online Act would prohibit Amazon from listing its own products at the top of search results ahead of those from third-party sellers. Apple and Google might be prevented from giving preferential placement to their own apps in their app stores.

During Thursday’s session, many Senators repeated the belief that there is a lack of competition within the tech industry and that new antitrust laws are needed. But the bill’s sponsors, Senators…

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