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Voting on your phone is safer than the alternative – Source

Last week, the most populous county in Washington State announced the first U.S. election in which every voter can cast a ballot using a smartphone. For residents of Seattle and surrounding cities, the experiment could be a game changer. Americans face innumerable obstacles in getting to the voting booth: job responsibilities, family obligations, Netflix addictions. No wonder our election turnout is among the worst in the developed world. Suddenly, 1.2 million people were given the ability to vote without leaving work or getting off the couch.

Of course, the reaction was loud and swift. Some people loved the idea, thrilled to see the power of democracy placed directly in people’s pockets. Others recoiled, afraid that hackers, foreign or domestic, could infiltrate the election and taint the results. As with any political issue, the hyperbole on both sides grew by the hour.

As the person who is sponsoring this experiment—my foundation, Tusk Philanthropies, is leading the national…

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