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Want to give the gift of crypto or NFTs? Here’s how to do it – Source

Looking for a holiday present that won’t fall victim to any supply-chain snafus? If so, there’s always crypto.

The vast majority of Americans have never invested in or traded a cryptocurrency, but buying crypto is easier than you might think—and, as a gift, offers the potential of a big upside. 

Although cryptocurrency prices have recently plunged, crypto is predicted to keep growing in the coming years, and is (slowly) becoming popular with more online retailers—two factors that have led many analysts to view it as a promising asset.

“There are a group of consumers who really believe crypto, and digital assets in general, are where we’re headed, and many of those folks are really evangelizing the uptake of crypto,” says Angela Fontes, founder of investment consultancy Fontes Research. “Gift-giving may be a great way for them to spread the crypto gospel, as it were.”

There are thousands of crypto coins out there, but assuming you’re buying a gift for a novice,…

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