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What Big Tech has to gain—and lose—from a Biden presidency – Source

The Trump Administration has brought both helpful and harmful changes to Big Tech, some awkward relationships, and enough drama for a lifetime. Big Tech companies were among the biggest beneficiaries of the Trump Tax Cuts of 2017, but they were also made to pay—in tariffs—for their decisions long ago to move supply chains and manufacturers to China. The disconnect in values between tech leaders like Tim Cook and the Trump administration couldn’t have been much wider, and yet tech companies were forced to maintain cordial relations with the White House.

Now Big Tech is looking at the implications of two different futures—one with Trump and the other with Joe Biden—and each has its pros and cons. Here’s what’s at stake for tech in today’s presidential election.


Let’s start with the money. Big tech companies have done very, very well during the Trump years.

They’ve benefited from a strong stock market, and the biggest tech companies—like Apple and Alphabet—

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