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What happened to Siri? – Video – Source CNET Tech

Siri was probably the first voice assistant that the world got to know.
However, even though Apple had a big head start with Siri, Amazon and Google are eating Apple’s smart assistant lunch.
Let’s see how we got from Siri being first to Siri being not so first.
This is the rundown jumping around to different sections If you want, I won’t mind.
Let’s set the stage.
It’s April 2010.
the Marvel Cinematic Universe is made up of three movies two Iron Man flicks and the Incredible Hulk.
Clearly this is a different world.
April 2010 is also an apple acquire Siri.
That’s right.
Apple bought Siri from another company.
It was not a homegrown project.
Before this deal.
Siri was available in the app store as a regular app.
After the deal.
Siri was removed from the Apple App Store and would not be seen for a little bit.
Fast forward to October 2011, and it’s time for…

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