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Volunteer data efforts are tracking where to get a vaccine – Source

While coronavirus vaccines are slowly becoming available at pharmacies, hospitals, and special vaccination centers across the country, finding which locations actually have doses has been a constant challenge.

Eligibility rules have shifted over time in many jurisdictions, and unpredictable vaccine supplies have led to canceled appointments and sent many senior citizens scrambling to find places that have shots and appointment slots available. And while some cities and states have set up websites to let people locate and sign up for vaccinations, many of them have been called buggy, confusing, and cumbersome to use, especially for people with limited internet access or digital expertise.

To try to fill that gap, people around the country have been setting up grassroots efforts to track vaccine data and present it to the public in an easy-to-understand way. Often motivated by seeing older relatives and friends scramble to track down vaccine doses, they’ve organized networks of…

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