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What happens when you delete all social media – Source

Lots of people talk about deleting their social media accounts. I actually did it.

Deleting Facebook and Instagram made me social media app-less, aside from LinkedIn, which I don’t tend to doomscroll on anyway. I’d been considering the idea for months, and I’m honestly not sure what pushed me to do it.

I only intended to try it for a week to see how things went. But here we are, three weeks later, and I still haven’t re-installed either app—and don’t plan to. Here’s why.

The experience

For the first couple hours after I deleted the apps, I found myself in the land of muscle memory. I’d wake my phone, go to tap the place where the apps used to be, and see that they weren’t there. I’d remember why, set my phone down, and move on with my day.

I did this four times.

It’s remarkable how those pathways had been built in my brain over time. It’s kind of sad, actually: I didn’t even have to consciously make decisions each time I opened one of those apps. My brain was so…

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