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Where the investor behind Food52 and Barstool Sports is betting next – Source

A dozen pedigreed horses make their way down a racetrack as a crowd erupts in a low roar. Super Sal, a frisky colt, takes the early lead and looks like he might run away with it.

But as the pack stampedes through the 500-meter mark and starts to thin out, a mare named Fascoo begins to pull ahead. Wait! Here comes Ghost Hunter, a shimmering, khaki-colored steed. The horses’ rhythmic clip-clopping grows louder. Ghost Hunter whips through the finish line first, beating Super Sal by a fraction of a second.

This nail-biter isn’t any horse race you’ve ever heard of, nor is it even taking place in real life. It’s unfolding in a virtual world called Zed Run. This blockchain-based game lets anyone buy, breed, and race horses like Ghost Hunter 24 hours a day, on a course that’s suspended in space and surrounded by video-game atmospherics. The thoroughbreds, which look like digital mosaics with neon-colored bridles, never age, die, or even tire, after multiple races. Owners’ rights…

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