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Qualcomm and Razer’s handheld gaming device of the (near) future. – Source

Mobile chip kingpin Qualcomm and gaming hardware maker Razer are betting that a new wave of faster and more powerful dedicated handheld gaming devices will soon be the objects of gamers’ desire.

The two companies worked together to build a prototype version of such a device, which is powered by a new Qualcomm system-on-a-chip called the Snapdragon G3x, which was designed specifically for dedicated mobile gaming devices. The companies announced the new prototype device and the new gaming chip at Qualcomm’s annual Snapdragon Tech Summit on Wednesday.

[Photo: Qualcomm Technologies]

This month, Razer will begin distributing the new prototype Android device to developers to help them start creating games for the new hardware. Although no plans or timing have been announced, Razer is likely to release a consumer product that’s similar to the developer prototype sometime in the next year. Qualcomm believes other hardware makers will use the G3x chipsets in their own gaming device…

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