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What to expect from Apple and PC makers – Source

Forget about new iPhones, Web3, and augmented reality headsets. The most exciting tech product category in 2022 is the lowly laptop.

Once thought to be on the decline in both sales and importance, laptops are suddenly cool again. It turns out that if you’re working from home, having a decent full-featured computer is pretty important. While this isn’t a new revelation—worldwide PC shipments are up 34% from 2017, according to International Data Corp.—laptop makers are finally meeting users’ demands with better hardware and software.

Even if laptop sales don’t increase at the same rates they have over the past couple of years, the products themselves are getting more interesting, thanks to better processors, more innovative designs, and stronger connections to the phone in your pocket. And unlike the blockchain or the metaverse, those improvements will actually have immediate and tangible impacts.

A new chip war

Apple’s M-series MacBook processors alone have delivered a…

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