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White House, tech industry meet to discuss coronavirus response – Source Reuters Tech News

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – White House officials met Wednesday with U.S. technology industry officials to discuss tech-related response efforts to combat the coronavirus outbreak and ways for government to collaborate with the private sector.

COVID19, the disease caused by the virus, has killed about 30 people in the United States, and infected more than 1,000 Americans and over 115,000 people globally.

U.S. Chief Technology Officer Michael Kratsios discussed the planned release of a new database of full-text coronavirus-related scholarly literature and urged tech firms to use tools like “artificial intelligence, to help medical researchers glean scientific insights from this collection of articles,” the White House said.

“Cutting edge technology companies and major online platforms will play a critical role in this all-hands-on-deck effort,” he said.

The companies taking part – by teleconference – included Inc, Apple Inc, Cisco Systems, Facebook Inc, Alphabet…

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Source Reuters Tech News

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