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Will dancers in the digital age ever be able to protect their moves? – Source

When you think about things having a copyright, what probably comes to mind are movies, music, books—really anything that has a well-documented history of piracy or plagiarism. Because that’s what copyrights are for: to promote the creation of original work by giving those creators the ability to make money from their efforts without fear of someone else reproducing it without their permission or any payment.

So, what about dance moves?

In the vast history of dances that have had cultural impact—”The Macarena,” the hustle, the running man, the electric slide, the cha cha slide—none of them have been copyrighted. If those moves seem too simple to warrant a copyright, what can be said of the work of choreographers such as Michael Peters (“Thriller”), Anthony Thomas (“Rhythm Nation”), Brian Friedman (“I’m a Slave 4 U”), or Laurieann Gibson (“Bad Romance”)?

Copyrighting choreography is not impossible, but historically it’s been easier to win legal…

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