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Will Samsung Unpacked blow us away or bore us to tears? (The Daily Charge, 2/10/2020) Republican senator proposes FTC overhaul to target Google and Facebook Coronavirus pushes MWC to ban travelers from China's Hubei province Free 4K TV for your home is coming soon TCL cancels MWC 2020 press conference on coronavirus concerns Bill and Melinda Gates talk health and education in annual letter Superyacht designer says Bill Gates isn't buying its hydrogen-powered vessel Nvidia, Amazon pull out of MWC, NASA and ESA launch new probe to study the sun Sony withdraws from MWC 2020 over coronavirus concerns Coronavirus jolts tech firms as outbreak spreads: MWC bars some visitors from China The strange, thorny and sometimes sleazy origins behind 11 tech terms you use every day 9 great reads from CNET this week – Source CNET Tech

Plus: Oscars winners and losers.

Sen. Josh Hawley from Missouri wants to dismantle the FTC and reconstitute it under the Department of Justice.

MWC organizers add sweeping restrictions as more companies pull out, including Sony, Amazon, LG, Ericsson and Nvidia.

New tech will bring high-quality video to your devices over the air for the low, low cost of $0.

The Shenzhen, China-based company still will attend the conference in Barcelona, Spain.

The Gates Foundation’s 2020 letter, “Why we swing for the fences,” reflects on the organization’s 20-year history.

The environmentally friendly vessel would be a world-first, the Sunday Telegraph reported. However, the boat’s designer denies any links to Gates.

In today’s top tech stories, Amazon and Nvidia pull out of MWC, Facebook and Twitter wrestle with misleading info and NASA launches new solar probe with the European Space Agency.

The Japanese tech giant joins an ever-growing list of companies opting out of the mobile show this year.


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