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With potential sale to Ethos Capital, .org domain is at risk – Source

In an era of powerful search engines, you seldom need to type in or remember the addresses of the websites you’re visiting. Often, you may not even remember if a business’s website ends in .com, .biz, or something zanier—like .pizza.

For many nonprofit organizations, though, having a .org domain name is still a matter of prestige, conveying a sense of credibility to the public. For years, the organization that manages .org names, called the Public Interest Registry, has been in the hands of a nonprofit called the Internet Society.

But last fall, the Internet Society announced that it intended to sell the registry to Ethos Capital, a private equity firm, for more than $1.1 billion. (The registry brought in just shy of $93 million in registration fees for 2018, according to public IRS filings). The move raised fears that what many charitable groups see as a vital part of internet infrastructure would suddenly be moved from a nonprofit into the hands of a business with an interest…

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