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Xbox Series X specs revealed, Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra camera verdict Facebook invests in diverse array of projects in mission to connect the world Inside Amazon's brand-new cashierless grocery store Amazon Go Grocery brings fresh produce to the cashierless shopping experience Sony's Xperia Pro will have 5G but does anyone still care? Galaxy Z Flip factory closed over coronavirus fears, NASA snaps Antarctica melting 9 great reads from CNET this week Bezos launching $10B climate fund, Z Flip looks like a hit Coronavirus prompts Verizon to pull out of RSA sponsorship How to choose the right outdoor security camera for you Bloomberg's meme campaign underscores the loopholes in political-ad rules Apple may open up iOS, tweets get easier to link – Source CNET Tech

In today’s top news, Xbox promises more graphics power and backward compatibility on its new console, reviews roll in for Samsung’s new Galaxy S20 Ultra camera and NASA says goodbye to one of its ‘Hidden Figure’ trailblazers.

From beaming internet to rural areas from satellites, to expanding Terragraph and laying fiber, Facebook is toiling away to get everyone connected.

Amazon Go Grocery lets you shop for fresh produce and just walk out, no checkout required.

Amazon is bringing its “just walk out” retail concept to a grocery store. How’d you like them apples?

From The Daily Charge: Anticipation for Sony’s premium 5G foray grows.

In today’s top tech stories, Samsung Z Flip factory closes due to coronavirus fears, Twitter polices election coverage and a NASA satellite catches an Antarctic island melting.

How presidential candidates are paying social media influencers to spread political messages, why Fortnite isn’t the juggernaut it once was and what’s a “doomsday vault” anyway?


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