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You should own your DNA, according to the biodata bill of rights – Source

In the next decade, businesses and governments will increasingly collect biological data, from facial recognition to DNA. Every time you command a smart speaker, have your face scanned, or track your health on any app, it’s all going into your biological data bank.

Today, startups like Voicesense and Sonde Health can decode our voice to make predictions about anything from depression to defaulting on our mortgage. In the U.S., the Department of Homeland Security is planning on developing a DNA database of immigrants in federal detention facilities. Meanwhile, in China, the government is collecting DNA and biometrics from all residents aged 12 to 65 in Xinjiang, a region home to 11 million Muslim Uighurs.

Big Tech is banking on our biology, too: According to CB Insights, genomics is the second most important investment category for the top tech companies, and Alibaba is boosting investments in Hong Kong’s biotech sector.

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