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Your kids can meet Santa on Zoom this year – Source

As shopping moves online at an unprecedented rate, so too has another venerable holiday tradition: the children’s visit with Santa Claus.

Malls are under social distancing restrictions that mean kids have to visit Santa through Plexiglas barriers or, in the case of some retailers like Macy’s, not at all. But many families are choosing to connect with St. Nick the way so many people are connecting with others this year: through Zoom.

Cherry Hill Programs, which claims to be the largest provider of mall Santa programs, has for the first time created packages that let kids conduct their sessions with Santa via Zoom, with the red-suited Christmas mainstay greeting them from a festive environment set up for the season in Cherry Hill’s studios.

[Screenshot: Cherry Hill Programs]

“We took about a quarter of our corporate facility here in New Jersey, and we converted it to the North Pole,” says Graham McFarland, Cherry Hill’s CTO.

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