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Zocdoc wants to make scheduling a COVID-19 vaccination easy – Source

COVID-19 vaccines are here, but even if you qualify to get one, getting it is a harried experience. Phone lines for health departments and care providers offering the vaccine are overwhelmed. Signing up for a vaccination online has been no easier. New York City Comptroller Scott Stringer, who is also running for mayor, complained that both websites available for booking vaccination appointments were “buggy” and one required too much information. Meanwhile, residents in several counties in Florida have to reserve their COVID-19 vaccinations on event-ticketing site Eventbrite (the same place they can get tickets to see local band Clematis).

The formats for rolling out vaccinations are myriad and as a result the process has been messy. Zocdoc, a healthcare marketplace that helps people find doctors and schedule appointments with them, is hoping to change all that by launching a nationwide vaccination scheduling service. Zocdoc will host it on its own site, where people can see if…

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