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6 best productivity tips – Source

While technology’s omnipresence in our lives affords us the opportunity to get work done from anywhere at any time, being on devices all the time can lead us down time-wasting tunnels, making us less productive.

Thankfully most of the smartphones and computers we use now also have built-in settings or additional apps that can help you reclaim your productivity so you can get back to using your devices for work.

Here are six tech hacks to make you more productive.

Find out how you’re really spending your time online

A little while ago I spent a week tracking how I spent every hour of my day. I was surprised to find that I was spending five times more time on some tasks than I thought, and not spending as much time on other tasks as I assumed. But at the end of the experiment, I at least had data I could use to help enact change.

There are a host of time-tracking apps that give us insight into just how many hours we’re spending surfing the web and using various apps. The best thing…

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